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Our Community Giving

Giving back matters

One of Hamilton Insurance Group’s First Principles is Be more. In particular, Hamilton  believes this principle applies to the way in which the Company and its employees support the communities in which they do business.

Hamilton has established a Community Giving Committee in Bermuda, the site of its corporate headquarters, to oversee the allocation of funds to eligible non profit organizations.

Following a review of its funding processes and policies, the committee has made a number of decisions designed to enhance the effectiveness of its financial support to qualifying charities in Bermuda.

During 2017, the Community Giving Committee will continue to fund qualifying charities who are contributing to the wellbeing of Bermuda’s families in one of three general categories:  arts/sports, social services and education. At the same time, the committee will be engaged in conversations and meetings to determine a longer-term funding strategy.

This year, committee members will only consider applications for funding at their quarterly meeting on Wednesday, September 20. Applications should be received no later than Wednesday, September 13.

Our updated form to apply for funding is available for download here:  Hamilton Application For Cash Grant

In order to be considered for funding during 2017, organizations must:

  • be a Bermuda-registered charity in good standing;
  • have a Board of Directors which meets regularly;
  • be able to provide current financial statements, either audited or unaudited;
  • demonstrate a willingness and ability to collaborate with other organizations; and
  • where possible, incorporate innovative applications of technology to the programmes and services they provide.

The committee will not consider applications for the following types of support:

  • Individual athletes
  • Individual schools
  • Individual sports clubs
  • Political or partisan organizations or events
  • Faith-based organizations or initiatives
  • For-profit organizations

Please note that the Community Giving Committee will not fund or support organizations that, in their by-laws, policies, or practices, discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, marital status or other category otherwise protected by applicable law.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the information provided here. Inquiries should be directed to giving@hamiltongroup.com.