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Press Release

Data Science Career Opportunities Featured on Hamilton Website

HAMILTON, Bermuda, April 7, 2016 – Hamilton Insurance Group (“Hamilton”), the Bermuda-based holding company for property and casualty insurance and reinsurance operations in the US, Bermuda and the UK, has added a new page to its website to highlight job openings requiring experience in analytics and data science.

Hamilton is led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian Duperreault, the insurance industry veteran who formed a partnership in December 2013 with technology firm Two Sigma to leverage analytics and research to create underwriting and investment value for its clients and shareholders.

“At Hamilton, we use a variety of recruitment methods while at the same time complying with local employment requirements,” said Group HR Head Karen Isaacs. “For positions that are grounded in analytics and data science, we know there may be candidates who aren’t currently working in insurance or giving the industry itself much thought, so we’ve added social media, including our website, to our hiring toolbox to raise the profile of these and other employment opportunities at our company.”

The Careers page at Hamilton’s website is located at www.hamiltongroup.com/careersathamilton. Positions currently featured on the page include Software Developer at Hamilton Re, the Company’s reinsurance operations in Bermuda, and Data Scientist at Hamilton USA, the organization’s US insurance operations based in Princeton, New Jersey. A dedicated email for applications and job-related inquiries has been created at talent@hamiltongroup.com.


About Hamilton Insurance Group

Hamilton Insurance Group is the Bermuda-based holding company for insurance and reinsurance operations that underwrite property and casualty risks in Bermuda, the U.S. and at Lloyd’s.  The company leverages analytics and research to create underwriting and investment value for its clients and shareholders. For more information, please visit www.hamiltongroup.com.