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Photos of our Executive Team

The members of our executive team play active and visible roles in the media, in the insurance community, and within their own professional disciplines. They are often called upon to deliver speeches, attend conferences and speak for attribution.

We provide their official, high-resolution photos here for easy and convenient access. Click the Download Image button below each, and right-click to save to your desktop. (Mac users should CTRL+click to download the full-size image.)

Photos Downloads
  • Pina Albo
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jonathan Reiss
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Gemma Carreiro
    General Counsel

  • Chad Cundliffe
    Chief Accounting Officer

  • Keith Bernhard
    Chief Audit Officer

  • Kathleen Reardon
    Chief Executive Officer, Hamilton Re

  • Tim Duffin
    Chief Underwriting Officer, Reinsurance

  • Peter Skerlj
    Chief Risk Officer